Baileys Pet Foods

Service Provided: Website Design
Baileys Pet Foods take the lead in pet food nutrition, creating and producing innovating recipes while specialising in Grain Free foods your pets will love. 

Project Goals:

The goal was to create an easy to use, yet informative e-commerce website allowing users to see lots of product information while making the purchase process natural and easy.

Project Result:

The final result of this project was a fully functioning e-commerce website allowing payments by ApplePay, Card and paypal. Shop items are easy to filter through and product pages allow users to ask the nutrition team for more information easily and intuitively, while providing all nutritional information, feeding guides, product images and more. We also created an engaging factory tour showing off the amazing factory and allowing a ‘behind the scenes’ feeling for the website visitors.

The 'Shop' Page

When you’re shopping online, you want to find the products you need quickly and easily. We implemented a filter function allowing customers to filter products by type and life stage to ensure they can always find the product they need quickly and easily.

The 'Tour' Page

When we was asked for ideas on how we could create a virtual tour using texts and images, we got very excited, we got out our pens and paper and let our creative juices flow! We couldn’t wait to show the Baileys team what we had come up with and they loved it as much as we did saying we ‘exceeded expectations

Client Review:

We can not recommend TWE Design highly enough, they was extremely helpful and full of creative ideas to help us make an amazing website! We are very happy with the website and service they have provided and it’s honestly better than we could have ever imagined. We highly recommend them. Thanks again guys!

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